Price Banjo Cases

All models are offered in a stark white or bone exterior with interior colors Crimson, Royal Blue or Forest Green.

The leather handles are steel lined for long service.

Price is listed on ordering page.

Both models can be built of basalt fiber materials, and will be marked with the Vulcan logo and brand name, at an additional cost of $100.

They give the banjo the best possible support and protection from bumps, bruises, shocks and temperature.

2012 Price Classic Banjo Case

The Price Classic banjo case is designed to afford excellent protection with minimum size. It is 1/4" shorter, 1 1/2" thinner and 1/2" narrower than the early teardrop cases, and weighs about 6 pounds less, but is every bit as strong.
The peghead area is large enough to hold Stellings and Gibson top tensions with their larger pegheads.

Here's the 12.5 pound case supporting 32 times its own weight, 10 40 pound bags of Morton's Salt Pellets.

Here's the case weight.

This is the interior in forest green.

With a banjo in place.

Storage box is 12 inches long, almost 6 inches wide, and averages 2 5/8" deep.

Thanks to our good friend Mark Bramlett in Marietta, Georgia for pushing design and manufacture of this case. Now that it's a reality, we love it.

White/Forest Green interior
Bone/Crimson interior
Bone/Forest Green interior
Now accepting orders for other color combinations.

2011 Price StreamLine Banjo Case

The Price StreamLine banjo case is a unique fiberglass case designed to afford excellent protection with minimum size. It is essentially the same size as the classic case, and weighs about the same.

The peghead area is designed for pegheads of Gibson dimensions, and the Stelling peghead is too large for this model (Classic is the case of choice for Stellings and Gibson top tensions).

The storage box is 12" long, full width, under the neck, and very generous in size.

Bone/Forest Green interior
Bone/Crimson interior
Bone/Royal Blue interior

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